• Hall Farm Beef and Lamb home reared to high welfare standards
  • Homemade sausages and burgers
  • Barn reared Chicken
  • Blythburgh Free Range Pork
  • Seasonal specialities including game and venison
  • Special orders taken to meet your requirements
  • All available seven days a week!

The addition of our own Butchery to our Farm Shop in April 2010 has enabled us to offer our customers our own fresh beef and lamb and a full range of freshly butchered local meat, seven days a week. Along with our extensive range of meat, we offer a friendly, personal service from a professional and experienced butcher. The Barrie family have had ambitions of a butchers for along time, enabling their animals to return to the farm they were born and reared on, after slaughter.

Hall Farm Beef and Lamb is born and reared on the Farm, grazing on the meadows around the shop overlooking the Dedham Vale. Our cattle are a continental cross breed, and our beef is hung for a minimum of three weeks to ensure a tender and full flavoured meat, which tastes fabulous. Our Lambs are reared on grass, mother’s milk and home produced cereal and our Rams are pure bred Suffolk and Texel, whilst our ewes are Suffolk Cross.

Our butcher makes all his own sausages to a secret recipes and uses prime cuts of beef for hand made burgers, for the best barbecues in town!

As true professionals are, our butcher is happy to discuss meat, cuts and origins. We are able to take special orders and can source meat to suit our customers requirements, so never hesitate to talk to us.

Hall Farm invites you to visit and see our Butchers for yourself, opening the same hours as the shop our team would enjoy listening to your suggestions and providing further information about our products.

Happy New Year!

Ron, Liam and Greg

wish all their customers 

a very prosperous 2018.

They will assist you on all

meat requirements,

and help you plan your

winter meals

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Shop – 01206 322572


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